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Sailing Quotes

Inspiration for the Dreamers

What will you do today that will move you forward in the pursuit of your goals, rather than find you in the exact same place tomorrow? Don’t look at the end goal and think, “It’s so far!” or “It’s so high!” Rather, take one step. Getting off the starting block is often the hardest part, and it’s where most dreamers …

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entrepreneurs help people

What a Surprise! Entrepreneur Son’s Gift to His Mom Makes Her Cry

Entrepreneur Corey Wadden had a dream: make two million dollars in two years and take care of his Mom. He didn’t meet his two-year goal, but that didn’t stop him from doing something really special for her. This one will make your heart swell!

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Content Mills

The High Cost of Cheap Content: 7 Reasons to Avoid Content Mills

For the busy website owner, there’s something particularly tempting about buying cheap content from a content mill. But what pitfalls await you when you cut corners and costs on content? A professional content mill writer, Jo Tracey, shares her wisdom with you.

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quotes about writing

How I Write Content to Attract Our Target Audience

How can you write blog posts that attract your target audience to your website? In this post for the #MyWritingProcess series, I lay out the steps I take to create content that not only interests the people we want to bring to our website, but does so without muddying our brand.

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Virtual Conference

The No-Excuse Blogging and Social Media Conference You CAN Attend!

Wistfully watching from afar — again — as all your social media friends and colleagues descend on the latest and greatest Blogging and Social Media Conference? This weekend’s conference is for YOU, Mr. and Ms. Armchair Traveler!

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Santa Claus

The All-in-One Holiday Tipping and Gifting Guide for Service Providers

Do you give a little extra something to service providers at Christmas and during the holiday season? Who should you tip, and who is it OK to skip? Here’s a guide to help you decide!

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Leadership and Relationship Skills: Humility vs. Arrogance

Have you ever known someone who was supremely and unusually talented, yet also made everyone around him or her feel special, and by doing so, inspired others to greatness? That’s one of the marks of a great leader in any sphere of influence, and a quality that inspires loyalty and creates opportunity. My senior year in high school, I had …

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Ri Web Design Social Media Training Collaboration

How to Collaborate Strategically With Brand Partners on Facebook

Completely updated October 23, 2013!   No matter how you feel about Facebook with all the recent changes, the drop in “reach,” and the increased competition for your target audience, if a large segment of your market is using Facebook, then you need to be there, too. But you’re going to have to get creative and strategic to continue to …

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Cranberry Limoncello Tarts In A Gingersnap Hazelnut Crust

Grand Prize Winner: Cranberry Limoncello Tarts in a Gingersnap Hazelnut Crust

Mary Jo Fletcher LaRocco won the Grand Prize the 4th time she entered the Hood New England Dairy Contest, after placing the previous 3 years. Here’s her winning recipe! (Read our interview with Mary Jo to learn how she discovered a hidden talent for cooking and baking!)

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Sausage Apple And Brie Stromboli

Mary Jo LaRocco: Baking Her Way to a Million Dollars!

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned small-town success story, especially when it involves a talent discovered later in life! Read the story of Mary Jo Fletcher LaRocco’s adventures in cooking, and how she’s now in the running for a million dollar prize!

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