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Santa Claus

The All-in-One Holiday Tipping and Gifting Guide for Service Providers

Do you give a little extra something to service providers at Christmas and during the holiday season? Who should you tip, and who is it OK to skip? Here’s a guide to help you decide!

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Leadership and Relationship Skills: Humility vs. Arrogance

Have you ever known someone who was supremely and unusually talented, yet also made everyone around him or her feel special, and by doing so, inspired others to greatness? That’s one of the marks of a great leader in any sphere of influence, and a quality that inspires loyalty and creates opportunity. My senior year in high school, I had …

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Ri Web Design Social Media Training Collaboration

How to Collaborate Strategically With Brand Partners on Facebook

Completely updated October 23, 2013!   No matter how you feel about Facebook with all the recent changes, the drop in “reach,” and the increased competition for your target audience, if a large segment of your market is using Facebook, then you need to be there, too. But you’re going to have to get creative and strategic to continue to …

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Cranberry Limoncello Tarts In A Gingersnap Hazelnut Crust

Grand Prize Winner: Cranberry Limoncello Tarts in a Gingersnap Hazelnut Crust

Mary Jo Fletcher LaRocco won the Grand Prize the 4th time she entered the Hood New England Dairy Contest, after placing the previous 3 years. Here’s her winning recipe! (Read our interview with Mary Jo to learn how she discovered a hidden talent for cooking and baking!)

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Sausage Apple And Brie Stromboli

Mary Jo LaRocco: Baking Her Way to a Million Dollars!

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned small-town success story, especially when it involves a talent discovered later in life! Read the story of Mary Jo Fletcher LaRocco’s adventures in cooking, and how she’s now in the running for a million dollar prize!

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Beach Cliff

Facebook Updates: Is Facebook a Sinking Ship or a Rising Tide?

With Facebook’s latest update to News Feed, many Facebook Page owners have decided to abandon their ghost towns and head for more rewarding social media platforms — like Google Plus. But is it time to abandon ship? Here’s what you need to know!

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Spying On Employees

Should Employers Spy on Employees With Hidden Cameras?

What are the ethical implications of using hidden cameras to spy on employees at work? Watch as four shocked restaurant owners find out what’s going on behind the scenes when they’re not around…and then decide.

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what entrepreneurs have in common

Do You Have the ONE Thing Every Success Story Requires?

I’m fascinated by the stories of underdogs who rise to the challenge and beat the odds despite enormous adversity and challenges. There are common threads that connect them all. Do you know what they are?

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Politics And Gun Control On Facebook

Ouch! What Types of Social Media Posts Disqualify a Potential Hire?

Curiosity Survey: If you owned a business (and many of you do!), what types of social media content would disqualify a potential employee who’s applied for a job with your company? Check out what Ryan Cohn’s disqualifier was for two otherwise-qualified candidates: “Whenever I evaluate a potential employee, I always take a look at what is publicly visible on their …

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Fiverr sand art videos

A Fiverr Project: David Beauregard’s Song “All That’s Lost”

How can songwriters tap into Fiverr talent to create professional recordings and music videos? Check out what local songwriter, Dave Beauregard, discovered when a friend showed him what he could do with a simple iPhone recording.

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