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10 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Facebook Marketers


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If your Fans aren’t engaging with your Facebook Page by “Liking,” Sharing, and Commenting, your EdgeRank is suffering. We did some brainstorming and came up with 10 creative ways to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on Facebook (besides the typical 10% off specials) to try to get your Fans talking! You can offer prizes with these if you like, but be sure to check Facebook’s rules for contests and promotions first.

10 Creative Ways to Use Valentine’s Day to Engage Facebook Fans

1) Ask your Fans to share “How we met” or “How I/he proposed” love stories on your Facebook Page.
2) Offer — in exchange for every new Facebook Fan — to donate $1 or more to a charity or foundation that shows love to those in need. The best charities are those that serve children, animals, families dealing with illness or disasters, the homeless, and the poor. Have a tight budget? Cap the donation.

Example: Here’s how Macy’s is gaining new “Likes” using a third party app

Before you “Like” Macy’s Facebook Page

After you “Like” Macy’s Facebook Page:

3) Are you a service company? Offer a set dollar amount of services to a named charity once your Facebook Page hits a certain number of Fans.
4) Ask your Fans to try to come up with the most words using the letters in “Valentine’s Day,” or use another simple puzzle.
5) Ask Fans to share their “Keep the Love Alive” tips on your Facebook Page. For a business angle, ask your Fans to share their “Keep the Love Alive” tips for businesses who could use some customer service training!
6) Start a “Share the Love” promotion on Facebook using an image or graphic with a quote about love, and asking Fans to click “Share” to “Share the Love.” If you want a business angle, use a quote about customer service. Might work: Get your brand name in the image somewhere, perhaps in the lower corner. Some Fans will share these, while others won’t.
7) Have Fans fill in the blank for a statement like: “I feel the most loved when __________” or “The nicest Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was __________.” For a business angle, ask Fans to fill in the blanks and tag their favorite businesses on Facebook: “I’d love a Valentine’s Day gift bought at _______________” or “The best place to take a Valentine for dinner/a romantic night/a romantic vacation is _______________.”

8) Have Fans share their favorites in a specific category like love quotes, love songs, romantic movies, or romantic restaurants.

Example: Here’s how the Interval Machine, a new app for musicians, songwriters and composers, is using Valentine’s Day to attract new Fans to their Facebook Page

9) Use your Facebook Page to post a trivia contest about Valentine’s Day, either listing all the trivia questions in one post, or asking Fans to “tune in” at set times each day (between now and Valentine’s Day) to get the trivia questions. If you want to tie your brand’s image to the promotion, take a cue from the way Old Sturbridge Village is using trivia questions. Here, they’d asked their Fans earlier about the most popular form of chocolate was in the 18th-19th centuries:

10) Use the Questions feature on Facebook to ask your Fans to choose their favorite Valentine’s Day gift, with options you’ve added. Invite them to add their own options, too. Or, ask them what their favorite kind of chocolate is in a box of assorted chocolates, what their favorite flowers are, or what their favorite color of roses is.

Now, use your other social media profiles to drive traffic to your Facebook Page to take part in your promotion. You’ve got to GET folks to your Facebook Page if you want them to engage with it!

What are some of the creative Valentine’s Day promotions or contests you’ve seen on Facebook? Better yet, share your own ideas or promotions in the comments, with links!


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  1. Jayme Soulati
    Jayme Soulati02-14-2012

    Oh, Valentines, Michelle and Scott,
    I assure you, I’m no bot.

    I come today with gifts of chocolate and friendship
    To say thanks for tips on making a video clip.

    Can’t wait to share a song or new Scott tune.
    When we’re together soon.

    • Michelle Quillin
      Michelle Quillin02-15-2012

      Jayme, thank-you for the poem! Now that’s a first!

      We’re thrilled that your new integrated website and blog reflect you so well. Go get ‘em!

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